Route 310 – BART Concord/Clayton – County Connection
7:30AM - 9:30PM
Every 60 min
Concord BART
Clayton Rd
Downtown Clayton

Active Alerts:

Service Disruptions

Effective: August 9, 2021

*Attention Passengers*

We are experiencing unprecedented levels of service disruptions due to our limited workforce. Service may be impacted on the following routes

  • Weekdays: 1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 15, 17, 20, 21, 28, 35, 601, 608, 93X, 95X, 96X
  • Weekends: 4, 301, 311, 315, 316, 321, 335

For up-to-date information, please call customer service at 925-676-7500 or use the BusTracker on our home page for real time arrivals.

We are continually recruiting more drivers to enhance our workforce in an effort to provide a guaranteed level of service. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these difficult times.

Route 310 - Concord BART to Clayton Rd + Clayton Library | Sat-Sun
Continues from route
Concord BART
Clayton Rd + Denkinger Ct
Clayton Rd + Ayers Rd
Clayton Rd + Washington Blvd
Center St + Easley Dr
Marsh Creek Rd + Bigelow St
Clayton Rd + Clayton Library
7:36am 7:43am 7:48am 7:52am 7:56am 7:59am 8:03am
8:36am 8:43am 8:48am 8:52am 8:56am 8:59am 9:03am
9:36am 9:43am 9:48am 9:52am 9:56am 9:59am 10:03am
10:36am 10:43am 10:48am 10:52am 10:56am 10:59am 11:03am
11:36am 11:43am 11:48am 11:52am 11:56am 11:59am 12:03pm
12:36pm 12:43pm 12:48pm 12:52pm 12:56pm 12:59pm 1:03pm
1:36pm 1:43pm 1:48pm 1:52pm 1:56pm 1:59pm 2:03pm
2:36pm 2:43pm 2:48pm 2:52pm 2:56pm 2:59pm 3:03pm
3:36pm 3:43pm 3:48pm 3:52pm 3:56pm 3:59pm 4:03pm
4:36pm 4:43pm 4:48pm 4:52pm 4:56pm 4:59pm 5:03pm
5:36pm 5:43pm 5:48pm 5:52pm 5:56pm 5:59pm 6:03pm
6:36pm 6:43pm 6:48pm 6:52pm 6:56pm 6:59pm 7:03pm
7:36pm 7:43pm 7:48pm 7:52pm 7:56pm 7:59pm 8:03pm
8:36pm 8:43pm 8:48pm 8:52pm 8:56pm 8:59pm 9:03pm
Route 310 - Clayton Rd + Clayton Library to Concord BART | Sat-Sun
Clayton Rd + Clayton Library
Clayton Rd + Washington Blvd
Clayton Rd + Ayers Rd
Clayton Rd + Denkinger Ct
Concord BART
Continues as route
8:03am 8:06am 8:09am 8:16am 8:25am
9:03am 9:06am 9:09am 9:16am 9:25am
10:03am 10:06am 10:09am 10:16am 10:25am
11:03am 11:06am 11:09am 11:16am 11:25am
12:03pm 12:06pm 12:09pm 12:16pm 12:25pm
1:03pm 1:06pm 1:09pm 1:16pm 1:25pm
2:03pm 2:06pm 2:09pm 2:16pm 2:25pm
3:03pm 3:06pm 3:09pm 3:16pm 3:25pm
4:03pm 4:06pm 4:09pm 4:16pm 4:25pm
5:03pm 5:06pm 5:09pm 5:16pm 5:25pm
6:03pm 6:06pm 6:09pm 6:16pm 6:25pm
7:03pm 7:06pm 7:09pm 7:16pm 7:25pm
8:03pm 8:06pm 8:09pm 8:16pm 8:25pm
9:03pm 9:06pm 9:09pm 9:16pm 9:25pm